Generate TimeCode

TimeCode Generator is a simple app that allows you
to play SMPTE LTC, Midi and ArtNet timecode, from within this simple app. We have apps for macOS, Android, Windows and iOS.


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  • Outputs LTC, MIDI and ArtNet
  • Sync to Time of the day (wallclock)
  • New! Always on top Feature
  • Easy and clear interface
  • Can play at 23.976 - 24 - 25 - 29.97 and 30 FPS


  • Use custom offset, anywhere from milliseconds to hours
  • Uses big clock for reference
  • Stores your settings automatically
  • Perfect tool for rehearsing timecode shows.
  • Streamdeck integration. (desktop only)
  • Standalone app for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS!
  • Advance Audio interface setup
TimeCode eveywhere

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As creators of the world leading TimeCode Sync and as the founders of Juicebar for Resolume, Haute Technique has years of experience in creating new innovating experiences for the dance and entertainment industry.

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About TimeCode

Timecode is a series of numerical codes that represent a specific point in time on a video or audio recording. It consists of hours, minutes, seconds, and frames, and is typically displayed as a series of four numbers separated by colons, such as 01:23:45:06. The first two numbers represent the hours and minutes, the third number represents the seconds, and the fourth number represents the frame number within the current second.

Timecode is used in a variety of contexts, including film and television production, video editing, and audio recording. It is used to identify specific points in a recording and to synchronize multiple recordings or audio and video tracks. Timecode can be used to mark the beginning and end of edits, to identify specific events or cues, and to synchronize audio and video recordings.

There are several different types of timecode, including non-drop frame timecode, which counts every frame in a recording, and drop frame timecode, which drops certain frame numbers in order to maintain a consistent frame rate over time. Timecode can also be recorded as analog or digital signals.

Timecode generator is software that generates a timecode signal. This signal can be used to synchronize multiple audio and video recordings or to identify specific points in a recording.

Timecode generators typically have a display that shows the current timecode, and they may also have controls that allow the user to set the starting timecode, the frame rate, and other parameters. Some timecode generators can also be triggered by external events, such as the start of a take or the pressing of a button, and they may have the ability to output the timecode signal in a variety of formats, such as MIDI or SMPTE.

A timecode (alternatively, time code) is a sequence of numeric codes generated at regular intervals by a timing synchronization system. Timecode is used in video production, show control and other applications which require temporal coordination or logging of recording or actions.

In video production and filmmaking, SMPTE timecode is used extensively for synchronization, and for logging and identifying material in recorded media. During filmmaking or video production shoot, the camera assistant will typically log the start and end timecodes of shots, and the data generated will be sent on to the editorial department for use in referencing those shots. This shot-logging process was traditionally done by hand using pen and paper, but is now typically done using shot-logging software running on a laptop computer that is connected to the time code generator or the camera itself. The SMPTE family of timecodes are almost universally used in film, video and audio production, and can be encoded in many different formats.

More info about TimeCode can be found on Wikipedia - TimeCode