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TimeCode Live is the  industry leading software for syncing visuals, light and SFX to your DJ set and is best suited for the largest touring parties, festivals, venues and artists.
TimeCode Live is the big one in our range!

This software package allows the synchronization of every element in the performance, without the artist or front of house losing any control.

Since its launch, TimeCode Live has been declared as “indispensable” by the likes of Armin van Buuren, AfroJack, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and many others.

Professional DJ sets have been relying on a wide range of hardware and their different protocols for years. However, ...

as performances are growing bigger in scale, we sense the complexity of the productions is getting higher with every show. A growing demand in richer harmony in audio, visuals, lights, CO2 and pyrotechnics is at the heart of the changing character of professional performance .

TimeCode Live is the missing link between the DJ-booth and front of house. The software is able to sync with the DJ-deck to know exactly what is happening in the DJ-booth. One device is appointed as a master machine to keep track of the show and all other disciplines can tap in to this to receive syncing signals in their own preferred protocol.

Every member of the crew is able to see which track is playing or being queued, allowing the crew backstage / in the front of house to prepare for upcoming show moments while providing all freedom and flexibility to the DJ.

TimeCode Live has the ability to play or generate audio in sync with these tracks: supporting artists such as singers or dancers can listen to click-tracks that synchronize to the currently playing track. TimeCode Live also displays a visual waveform of the audio so even when a local crew member is unfamiliar with the running track, show moments such as laser or pyrotechnics can still be launched in sync.

Another key feature is the ability to have a back-up track running along with the set. During changeovers between artists there is an increased risk of physically disconnecting vital cable , which could result in an audio black-out. By keeping a dubbed track running from front of house, TimeCode Live is able to switch input unnoticeably when the sound from the stage might fail.

Since TimeCode Live works with any protocol, every discipline is still able to use the software they have been familiar with for years, while subsequently enjoying the benefit of knowing exactly what is happening on the DJ’s decks.

TimeCode Network even creates the possibility to direct show-moments in advance, while still in the airplane flying to the destination of the performance.

Keep it sync!

A laptop running the timecode software

Remote view for iPhone and iPad

Make sure everyone can see what the dj will be playing next, even over wifi.

Remote start/stop of players

By remotely starting the players, you are able to start the first track from the front of house.

Local player

Play festival intros or other tracks from the system, with TimeCode running.

Custom TimeCode offsets

Use any timecode offset. We support SMPTE Linear Timecode, MTC (midi timecode) and OSCTimecode.

Sync audio dubbing

Four synced audio tracks for backup tracks, click tracks or backing vocals for performers to play live with the DJ.

Remote playlist browsing

Create and prepare your TimeCode playlist by browsing the tracks that are on the USB drive in the player from the front of house.

Save set history

Automaticly saves the played tracks to your machine.

Export & import playlist

Share, save and load your shows.

10 channel audio routing

Make your own audio routing with a maximum of 10 outputs.

A laptop running the timecode software

2 SMPTE TimeCode out

Output SMPTE LTC to Resolume, GrandMA2, HOG, PYRO and many more.


Choose between SMPTE 25 FPS (Europe) or SMPTE 30 FPS (USA).

Ableton Link

Sync your BPM spotless with application like Resolume or Ableton Live. This enables the DJ to link the DJ setup to his favorite producing software.

Ableton Link™

A laptop running the timecode software

For a full list of Ableton Link software, click here:
Ableton Link compatible software

Live Waveform

TimeCode Live generates high-res waveforms of all tracks.

Mix fader information

Timecode sync shows you which player is active.

Plug and Play

There is no need for any preparation to use the software. The software is ready to go an can sync to tracks as soon as it gets plugged in.


Compatible players:

  • Pioneer CDJ-3000
  • Denon DJ SC5000 (Layer A)
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS
  • Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2
  • Pioneer XDJ-1000
  • Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1
  • Compatible mixers:

  • Denon DJ X1800
  • Pioneer DJM-900 (All models)
  • Pioneer DJM-2000 (All models)
  • Pioneer DJM-TOUR1
  • Operating system:

  • Windows (32/64 bit)
  • MacOS (64 bit)
  • Tested on:

  • GrandMA2
  • HOG
  • Resolume
  • Pangolin Beyond
  • many more…
  • Output formats:

  • LTC SMPTE Timecode 25fps
  • LTC SMPTE Timecode 30fps
  • MIDI Timecode (MTC)
  • OSC Timecode
  • 10 channel sync audio output