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TimeCode Monitor is a simple app that allows you to view
SMPTE LTC timecode. We have apps for both macOS and Windows.


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  • Easy and clear interface
  • Automaticly detects frame rate
  • Select audio input device and channel
  • Check the signal on frame level up to 1000 frames back
  • Shows the direction of the timecode
  • Clock shows green for running and orange for pause
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As creators of the world leading TimeCode Sync and as the founders of Juicebar for Resolume, Haute Technique has years of experience in creating new innovating experiences for the dance and entertainment industry.

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About TimeCode

SMPTE timecode (/ˈsɪmptiː/ or /ˈsɪmtiː/) is a set of cooperating standards to label individual frames of video or film with a timecode. The system is defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in the SMPTE 12M specification. SMPTE revised the standard in 2008, turning it into a two-part document: SMPTE 12M-1 and SMPTE 12M-2, including new explanations and clarifications.

Timecodes are added to film, video or audio material, and have also been adapted to synchronize music and theatrical production. They provide a time reference for editing, synchronization and identification. Timecode is a form of media metadata. The invention of timecode made modern videotape editing possible and led eventually to the creation of non-linear editing systems.

More info about TimeCode can be found on Wikipedia - SMPTE TimeCode