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This software package allows the synchronization of every element in the performance, without the artist or front of house losing any control. Since its first launch, TimeCode (Live) has been declared as “indispensable” by many top 20 DJs.
Now, this package is finally brought to a wider audience for an affordable price.

TimeCode is the missing link between the DJ-booth and front of house. The software is able to sync with your DJ setup to know exactly what is happening in the DJ-booth. One device is appointed as master machine to keep track of the show and all other discippiolines can tap in to this to receive syncing signals in their own preferred protocol.


Professional DJ sets have been relying on a wide range of hardware and their different protocols for years. However, as performances are growing bigger in scale, we sense the complexity of the productions is getting higher with every show. A growing demand in richer harmony in audio, visuals, lights, CO2 and pyrotechnics is at the heart of the changing character of professional performances. As an answer to making this challenge manageable, we developed TimeCode


The product range of TimeCode, consists of three packages tailored to three specific audiences:

TimeCode view

TimeCode view is intended for small to medium sized clubs where the DJ, VJ and LD want to have a visual reference of the artist activity in the DJ booth.

TimeCode sync

Timecode sync is suitable for bigger clubs and DJs who, on top of visual booth activity, need to sync their visuals, lights and other show elements through TimeCode and Ableton link.

TimeCode live

TimeCode Live is for the largest touring parties, festival venues and artists and is obtainable only after approval.


Timecode Presentation with denondj

TimeCode icon animation

TimeCode logo animation view/sync/live

Armin van Buuren - Promo video TimeCode network (dated video- not for use)

TimeCode Network from Haute Technique on Vimeo

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timecode logo (portrait)